Tom's Book

tom hermiz book

Tom has recently published the book:  Holiness:  The Journey, The Joy, The Difference.

Do you feel dissatisfied with the way you are and long to be a better person?

Have you ever wanted to cry out to the Lord, "Lord, please change me?"

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  25-26 Holiness Summit
Bloomington, IN


  5 Walnut Hill CCCU  - 10:30 AM
Leesburg, OH
  12 Columbus Joan Heights CCCU  - 10:30 AM
Columbus, OH
   24-26 Brown Road Community 7 PM nightly and 10:30 AM & 6 PM Sunday
Columbus, OH


  2 Christian Heritage CCCU  10:30 AM
Springfield, OH
  9 New Comerstown CCCU   10:30 AM
New Comerstown, OH
  23 Bookwalter CCCU  10:30 AM
Bookwalter, OH
  30 Dogwood Chapel CCCU  10:30AM & 6:00 PM
Wheelersburg, OH


  7-10 Faith Memorial CCCU  7 PM nightly and 10:30 AM & 6 PM Sunday
Lancaster, OH
   21 Freedom Ministries CCCU 3:30 PM Dedication Service
Frankfort, OH


  4 Pentecost Sunday Prayer Summit CCCU
Crossroads, Circleville, OH 
  9-11 Hispanic Camp CCCU
Nipgen, OH
  20-26 Mount of Praise Camp Meeting CCCU
Circleville, OH


  25-26 Stoutsville Camp Meeting
Stoutsville, OH 
  30-2 Shenendoah District Camp Meeting - Wesleyan


  7-10 Christian Union Church Caribbean Global District Council
West Indies