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Tom has recently published the book:  Holiness:  The Journey, The Joy, The Difference.

Do you feel dissatisfied with the way you are and long to be a better person?

Have you ever wanted to cry out to the Lord, "Lord, please change me?"

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When a believer has a personal Pentecost, what really happens in his or her life? What happened in the lives of the believers who were there in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost? This article examines the key effects of the infilling by the Holy Spirit in believers.

Do you ever wonder how we can love God with our whole heart? In this key article, Dr. Hermiz explores the challenge that Christ gave to His followers: to follow Him and love Him with their entire heart.

The story of John Wesley's life and message are as dynamic today as they were in the day when Wesley lived. This article highlights the key points that shaped Wesley's life and thinking, and the lasting legacy that he left with us today.

There are so many questions about what sanctification does and does not do in the life of the believer.  Dr. Hermiz explains in clear terms this vital doctrine and experience that is for every Christian.

In this insightful article, Dr. Hermiz gives an overview to Islam.  As his family is originally from Turkey, his perspective is very personal.  He discusses the religious and political aspects of Islam, as well a challenge to believers to develop a Biblical attitude towards Islam and Muslims.

Dr. Hermiz pays tribute to his father, Rev. Tomas E. Hermiz and the example that he set for Tom as a youth.