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Tom has recently published the book:  Holiness:  The Journey, The Joy, The Difference.

Do you feel dissatisfied with the way you are and long to be a better person?

Have you ever wanted to cry out to the Lord, "Lord, please change me?"

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You can order Tom's book as well as tapes and CD's of Tom's messages and music.  Here is a catalog of what is currently available ...





Holiness: The Journey, the Joy, the Difference
$ 3.50 shipping 

$ 12.00    

The Pastor's Funeral Planner by Dr. Thomas Hermiz and Dr. Stan Toler (Fresh funeral sermons and useable ideas on conducting funeral services)
$3.50 shipping


Single Sermons 

1 The Tribulation $ 7.00    
2 It's a 9-11 World $ 7.00    
3 Forgiveness $ 7.00    
4 After You Have Suffered Awhile $ 7.00    
5 Insights into Islam $ 7.00    
6 My Testimony $ 7.00    
7 Frequently Asked Questions about Sanctification $ 7.00    
8 Signs of the Times $ 7.00    
9 How is Your Love Life? $ 7.00    
10 Why do I Act This Way? $ 7.00    
  Please include $ 3.00 per order for shipping for sermon tapes.      

Music Tapes and CDs

  Day by Day CD:
Shipping: $3.50
  Special Grace

Cassette:  $10.00
Shipping: $3.50


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